Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A meeting of the minds

Since 1998, NewSchools has worked to transform public education for underserved children. We have supported many of the nation's highest performing entrepreneurial organizations and continue to work closely with them to create systemic change. The NewSchools Summit is an invitation-only gathering of leaders from across the education, business, policy and nonprofit sectors. This year's theme is innovation and its role in education reform. We will explore how new ideas are shaping how we educate children and expanding our sense of what is possible. We look forward to engaging in a conversation about the ways that the public, private and nonprofit sectors should work together in the years ahead to dramatically improve our nation's public education system. Over the course of the Summit, we'll explore the following questions:

  • What next generation of innovations will be needed to support and expand the work of education entrepreneurs, and ultimately to realize the full potential of this movement?

  • What would enable the innovations this movement has established to reach further, grow faster, and continue to increase in quality?

  • What has to happen in order for proven entrepreneurial innovations to transform larger systems?

  • What policy environment is needed to enable and support significant innovation in education?

  • What can education entrepreneurs learn from successful innovation in other fields?


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